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Our PlastiX Skates-Dots for use on any gaming mice are the product of countless hours of trial and error. To bring you what we beleive is the perfect skate material with the most wear resistance and optimal glide for use with all glasspads and hardpads alike. And while they are engineered for glass pads they also create a wonderful experience on cloth pads as well. So if you tired of skates wearing out or tired of your mouse glide not staying as consistent as when you put a fresh pair of skates on, these are for you!

Also enjoy these PlastiX dots at a discount when paired with our weight reducing base plate mouse mod’s

Note: You must follow the install guide by scanning the QR code on the skates packaging. Or by clicking the link below below.

Listen to what gamers are saying:  “As a MNK enthusiast on a glass pad, these new plasti x skates by TJ Exclusives are an absolute game changer. My experience after 2 hours so far has been nothing short of amazing. Seriously impressed. Buttery smooth & snappy.” -@TheRivalFox

“Finally finished breaking in these skates they feel super smooth on glass and nice and controlled on cloth rlly good all around skate. i think its a perfect skate if u switch between glass and cloth often as well!” – p0intOW

“I got to try these out early, the speed feels pretty similar to obsidian dots on glass but more stopping power. buttery smooth glide after break in. overall just really good for glass if youre looking for a touch of extra control, great job TJ Exclusives” – @compIys


Note: There is a 3-4 hour of hard gaming break in period with these skates. The skates will become much smoother and quieter and get used to the surface they are gliding on after the break in period. Follow the install guide for the skates for speeding up the break in process.

Note: Our PlastiX Skates material can be a bit louder than other skates when in use. This is due to the extremely durable mixture of 3 types of plastics.

Note: You must follow the install guide by scanning the QR code on the skates packaging. Or by clicking the link above.


  • Unmatched durability
  • Optimal glide
  • Hybrid plastic material never used before
  • CNC machined in America

Package Includes:

  • 12 x 6mm replacement dots
  • 2 cleaning wipes
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