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HCNHK 0.55N Purple Microswitch 150 Million Clicks (4 pieces)

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This mouse switch has undergone data enhancements in all areas, Operating Speed:1~500m/s, Operating Force:70gf±10gf, Rebound Force:20gf min, Pretravel (PT):0.30±0.2mm,Overtake Travel (OT):0.20mm Min, Contact Impedance: 100 milliohms Max, Insulation Impedance:100 megaohms min. Gold plated contacts,Non-contact terminal AC600v (50-60Hz) continuous for 1 minute between terminals and shell. The purple-gold mouse switch prioritizes durability and offers a soft and crisp touch,This switch is a good choice for gamers who want their mouse not to be too loud.