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Corepad PXP Grips Razer Viper V3 Pro

Corepad PXP Grips Razer Viper V3 Pro

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Corepad PXP Grips ► Plain Xtra Performance Mouse Grip Tape

Plain surface ► Natural Feeling ► an incredible feeling

Xtra Perfomance Grip ► even more grip


Perfect Fit ► tailor-made

Simple to use ► pull of ► stick on ► let's go

Additional Palm Grip ► Grip on Top ► even more control

Ergonomics ► as thin as possible ► as thick as necessary

Thin ► ergonomic ► for the best feeling

Thick ► for optimum moisture absorption

more quantity ► always contains double set of side button grips

Material ► high-quality, soft polymer-rubber material

Sweat Absorbtion ► absorbs hand sweat ► for perfect grip

Cleaning ► simple to clean with an isopropanol-alcohol wipe

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